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You Scuffed Your New Watch

No matter how big or small words seem at the time, words matter. My words above might seem harmless but in the context they were given, they have been words that have haunted me from time to time over the years and I believe may have made a lasting impression on others that I would rather not have made.

Years ago, my husband and I were some of the chaperones at a church youth retreat in North Georgia. The youth were tubing down a small body of water. Our son somehow fell out of the raft and when he got up, we were there. Of course I was concerned that he was hurt, and hopefully I first voiced a concern about the scuffs on his body (I don’t remember). What I do remember is in front of the youth (who probably don’t remember) and the chaperones (whom I probably made an impression on) I said the words “You Scuffed Your New Watch”. Now the watch was probably less than ten dollars and it wasn’t the value that mattered. I knew that my son was excited about the watch when he got it earlier, but why, oh why, did those words come out? Still today twenty-some years later, when I think of one of the chaperones that I rarely see, I think about what I said in front of her. That is not the person I am, and it is not the person I want to be.

Words matter. No matter the situation, stop and think before words are spoken.

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