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Flossing Better

This may seem like a weird topic for my blog, but it’s at the forefront of my mind today. Just about everyone is aware that proper flossing is something that should be done daily, but if anyone is like me, it may not always rank as one of those things that must be done on a daily basis — at least until now for me, that is. In my defense, I have been flossing almost every day. I have also been brushing my teeth on a regular basis. It is now apparent to me that my daily routine has not been good enough. As of today I am committing to do better because if I don’t I may slowly and painfully lose my teeth. Seems like the fear has been put in me, doesn’t it? I have only one tooth that has a problem for now. And I plan to keep it that way. But even one is one too many. I just had my first appointment with the periodontist this morning. She asked if I had noticed that my tooth was moving. I had not, but that made me no less panicked when I realized she had noticed it was moving. I held my breath as she made her way across my other teeth dictating probing depths ranging from 1 to 3 which is normal, and sometimes even a 4 which is moderately concerning. But I knew when she got to that #19 tooth and gave it a ‘6’ probing depth that she indeed concurred with the dentist who had sent me there.

I have an appointment in two weeks to have laser periodontal therapy on tooth #19. I will then eat mushy food for a week, and if I am a good patient to also follow all the other instructions, I may just get to keep #19. As for the rest of my teeth, I am going to work hard to make sure they never have to feel that little laser.

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I reached my daily limit of ‘negativity’ last evening when I saw yet one more cynical post by a Facebook ‘friend’. So many negative things are happening near and far in today’s world — the constant negativity around us can drain us of energy and darken our days ONLY IF we allow that to happen. Especially during the times when it seems to hit us right in the face, it is so important to make a conscious decision to fight against the effects of the things that tend to drag us down and to determine to be POSITIVE. If you are not doing this already, you might want to think about the following …

Block negative friends from your Facebook News Feed (I just did this — so satisfying and freeing!)

Walk away when face-to-face conversations turn to complaining

Avoid responding to a negative statement with another negative statement

We really can change things!


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A Canadian in My Closet


Maybe it was the photographer and artist in me who wanted to create portraits of an image actually wearing some of the crazy-cool fashionista pieces of clothing which I never seemed to have the occasion (or the nerve) to wear myself. I don’t really know what possessed me to decide that I just had to have a life-sized mannequin. But however the desire came into being, it continued with me perusing the eBay website until I found her. She was a beauty, and apart from that, she seemed to be a super bargain. The only problem was that she was in Nova Scotia, and the shipping did come at a premium. Nevertheless, I ‘won’ her. The deal was sealed with PayPal. Almost immediately I became embarrassed about this purchase. What was I thinking? But it was too late for that. She was already invited, and she arrived promptly to her new U.S. home thanks to the combined efforts of Canada Post and the U.S. Mail. She came in a huge box that had once contained a large set of speakers. Those now false descriptions on the box worked fine for me when she arrived – a good cover. At least my husband could somehow imagine that I might order a set of speakers – for what, I’m not sure, but over the years he has grown accustomed to me making some strange acquisitions. That large cardboard box took up residence next to the sideboard in the dining room for not one, not two or three, but more than four months. I am ashamed to say Christmas came and went and she was still lying there, hidden in speaker disguise. Infrequently my husband would question me about what was in the box. My answer was usually something like “you’ll find out soon” or “it’s a surprise.” By now you must realize that I have a husband who basically does not try to control my actions. I am sure he felt confident that he would eventually discover what was in the mystery box. By its size alone, it would be hard to hide its contents forever.

A couple of months ago while I was alone I opened the box and carefully moved the torso, two legs and two arms up the stairs. Now she is hiding, still in multiple pieces, in my closet. Is this ridiculous or what? I think she wants to come out of the closet soon. Would you like to meet her?

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525,600 Minutes

No matter who we are or where we live, each of the over 7,200,000,000 people in the world who are fortunate to make it through the year 2014 will have the very same number of minutes to use this year.  On average, about one-third of those minutes we will spend sleeping. Beyond that, either due to necessity or by choice, the way each of us spends the approximately 350,400 remaining minutes is just as varied as we are as people. One of my hopes for this year is that I will spend my minutes wisely.  The things that I need to do and the things I want to do will more than fill those 350,400 minutes. It would be foolish of me to waste any of them. Until writing this, I didn’t really consider that I had a resolution for this year, but I guess I really do. I resolve to use my time wisely!

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Ready to Launch!

How people choose to spend their free time is so very telling of the types of persons they are.  As for myself, I choose to divide my time in multiple directions. I love fashion,  photography, painting, cooking, travel, writing, and also enjoy spending time with some new kittens (you’ll get to know more about them). I may at times get overwhelmed, but I never get bored. I am excited to launch this blog and see where it leads. I look forward to a long ride!

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