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A Point in Time

When I’m waiting for a special event (or really for something unpleasant to be over with), time sometimes seems to drag by — but the recent lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree brought to my mind one of those ‘points in time’ moments that once again made me realize just how quickly time really does fly by. How could it have been exactly one year since I had traveled on my own to New York City for a whirlwind weekend to visit my son?  It does seem like it could have been just yesterday. With that being said, I want to soak in every special moment of this holiday season because it does all pass so quickly!!!


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A Perfect Day

Today was one of those days that no matter what else remained to be done until another day, it was almost mandatory to go for a nature walk. A local garden, Smith-Gilbert Gardens located in Kennesaw, Georgia, was the garden of choice. There was a nice breeze, and not too hot (just the way I like it) and so many flowers were in bloom. What a perfect day!

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Bear Sighting

So what do you do if you’re a tourist in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and you just have to see a resident bear? Based on my personal observations this week, here’s what NOT to do …
1) Do not park your car in the middle of the highway and get out to join the others who have parked their cars properly on the sides of the road.
2) Do not grab your toddler out of the car parked in the middle of the road and walk hand-in-hand to view the bears.
3) Do not decide to check under the hood while your car is parked in the middle of the road while traffic is backing up behind you.
4) If you disobey 1 through 3, do not be surprised if the ranger comes to get you.

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Time Changes Things

Every time I pass this old weed-covered building on the side of the road, it evokes some very real feelings in me. It is easy to get caught up in all the false facades in today’s world, many torn down and rebuilt over a period of only a few years. But this old building has stood proudly in that field for most likely over a century. It has not been torn down because it might be considered “ugly” or “unimpressive”, rather this building has stood with a richness that many modern buildings cannot even touch. Yes, time does change things, but sometimes it is good to think about what that is teaching us!

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