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Yay, it is Spring!

There’s something cathartic about the start of spring for me. It seems even more of a time for new beginnings than the start of the new year. Spring brings with it budding plants, plans for vacation, shedding of coats and boots, even washing windows to remove any reminders of winter’s grime. I’m ready Spring, bring it on!!!

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Garden Buddy

The zinnia seeds I planted this spring have rewarded me with some colorful blooms. Each morning this week I have been making my way to the garden with my camera, hoping to catch the blooms at their best in the early morning light; and each day I have been greeted by a little insect which I have identified as a katydid nymph. He seems to know I am photographing him since even when I get a little too close and shake the stem of the flower he continues to hang on. When the blooms have faded and I no longer see my garden buddy each morning, I trust he will be out in the garden as a full-fledged katydid and I will be listening for him in the evening!

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When I planted the sunflower seeds almost three months ago, I had visions of tall and stately plants with yellow heads so full that they would bend over because of their weight. Instead, when I looked out the window into the backyard this morning, I saw that one of the short and spindly stems actually had a small bit of yellow color at its top.  Upon walking outside to the sunflower plot and upon closer examination with my camera, I found a small, yet beautiful flower. This was not what I had expected. It was not what I had wanted. But I would have been disappointed in myself if I had let myself believe that this beautiful little sunflower bloom was not good enough. As I started to photograph the bloom, I quickly began to appreciate how beautiful and delicate it was. Don’t you agree?

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A Perfect Day

Today was one of those days that no matter what else remained to be done until another day, it was almost mandatory to go for a nature walk. A local garden, Smith-Gilbert Gardens located in Kennesaw, Georgia, was the garden of choice. There was a nice breeze, and not too hot (just the way I like it) and so many flowers were in bloom. What a perfect day!

20160618 IMG_8949 Edited-2

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Time Out

With everything that’s going on in the world, today is a new opportunity to take another ‘time out’ … that is, to steer away from anything that is causing negativity and moving towards the positive things. Find a flower and escape!


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Finding Peace and Beauty

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph plants in their natural setting. It is exciting to go to a local botanical garden at various times of the year and check out the latest specimens which are in bloom. When there’s not much blooming on the outside, there’s always the inside.  Here’s one of the many orchids I found on a recent trip on the inside at the local botanical garden. It is worth searching for peace and beauty.

20160205 IMG_3267 Edited TSCARDP SVT

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Mimicking the Butterfly

On a recent trip to a small botanical garden, there were many beautiful butterflies flying from one bloom to the next. There were yellow ones, black ones, brown ones and orange ones. How graceful and carefree they seemed, focused on what was important to them — one flower at a time. Maybe we could all take some lessons from these beautiful creatures by trying to make the most of life wherever we land!

20150813 IMG_4995 Edited-2 TCLAR NATNBI Square SVT

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