Monthly Archives: May 2015

Overlooking the Beauty

Yesterday I strolled through a local botanical garden with my new camera by my side. I was searching for the perfect shot. It was getting hot and there just didn’t seem to be as many ‘floral candidates’ as on most visits. So I turned to the Magnolia tree … there it was, loaded with blooms. On any other day I might have gone right past that tree which was loaded with lovely blooms … instead I would be looking for something maybe more colorful or novel. But today I stopped and really looked at this classic beauty of a tree. I zoomed in on its bounty and I am so glad I did. Had I not, I would have missed my best shots of the day.

How often I must do this in day-to-day life, rushing through the day and perhaps missing the best parts. I hope you find the best parts of your day today!

20150514 IMG_0176 Edited-2 TSFLATIII Small SVT2

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