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In My Mind’s Eye

I can still see the farm as it was back then. I can still remember the feeling of returning back home for Thanksgiving and knowing my mother and father would be so happy to see their little grandson, my husband and me. I remember our strolls on the graveled country road. The tobacco was cut and taken to market by then. The corn crop had been harvested. Hay had been cut, processed and stored either in rectangular bales in one of the barns, or in large rolls outside. The cows were still grazing on the final grass still green in the fields. Most of the trees had lost their leaves and it was usually cool enough for a fire inside. My mother always purchased a very large turkey. She would get up several hours before breakfast to put that turkey in the oven so it would be fully cooked in order to have Thanksgiving dinner around noon. My sister and brother and their families would arrive early that day, and all had seemed so right with the world. Much has changed since then. I will miss my mom and dad this Thanksgiving, but I will hold dearly the memories I have of them. I am thankful for the times I can remember, and I look forward to a small but nice Thanksgiving dinner with only three of us this year. To each of you, no matter how big or small your plans for this Thanksgiving season are, I wish you happy memories and a peaceful Thanksgiving day!


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