The Kittens’ Faces Revealed

As promised earlier, following are pictures of the four kittens we currently are adopting and fostering. We plan to adopt Pepe and Milo. The other two we are fostering at this point — the jury is still out as to whether they will also be adopted. (Four kittens is one thing, but four cats — oh my!!!) The females sure are trying to win over our hearts!


Pepe is the most independent of the four. He doesn’t mind finding a cozy area and relaxing while the other kittens are playing. He seems to be in control at all times. He’s got very large paws, and we call him the “gentle giant”. He is already becoming quite a lap cat.


Milo is small but mighty. He seems to be the most athletic and has no problem jumping across, up or over in order to get where he wants to go. He is a joy to watch!

#1 and #2
#1 and #2

Here are the sweet females. The names are our attempt to keep them a little distance away from our hearts. The fact that we’ve been thinking of more permanent names may be telling — not sure yet.

There will be much more on these kittens in coming weeks!

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