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Meet the Kittens

Since I mentioned the kittens in my launch post, I’ll give a few details today. We have been caring for four kittens, all from the same litter and born on May 2, for the last two weeks. Two of them we plan to adopt, and the other two we are fostering. Their mother’s name is Misty. She was rescued from a kill shelter. All the kittens are beautiful (aren’t all kittens beautiful?) and so different, both in markings and personalities. The lucky future adoptees are Pepe and Milo, who both happen to be the males. As for the foster female kittens, we have temporarily named the fuzzy white one No. 1 and the spotted one No. 2. It is way too easy to get attached to these little creatures. Those names at least makes things slightly more impersonal. I’m not sure it is working though. The kittens’ sweet faces will be revealed in future posts.

(left & clockwise – No. 1 (white), Pepe (black & white), No. 2 (white with spots), Milo (gray) )


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Ready to Launch!

How people choose to spend their free time is so very telling of the types of persons they are.  As for myself, I choose to divide my time in multiple directions. I love fashion,  photography, painting, cooking, travel, writing, and also enjoy spending time with some new kittens (you’ll get to know more about them). I may at times get overwhelmed, but I never get bored. I am excited to launch this blog and see where it leads. I look forward to a long ride!

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